Regional Comparison

New Hampshire towns have always compared favorably to most Massachusetts communities when it comes to taxes and cost of living. In fact, with its’ available developable land, infrastructure and ease of access to major transportation hubs, Pelham offers all the convenience of major many urban centers at a lower cost and higher quality of living.

Comparison of NH to MA

Top Corporate Income Tax 8.5% 8.75%
Sales Tax None 6.25%
Internet Sales Tax None 5%
Top Personal Income Tax None 5.3%
Top Capital Gains Tax None 5.3%
Motor Fuel Tax (per gallon) 0.196 0.235
Telecommunications Tax 7% 9.3%
Unemployment Insurance Tax (New Employers) 2.7% 2.83%
Unemployment Insurance Tax/Per Employee $216 $396
Tax Burden – State/Local, % of Income 2008 7.6% 9.5%

Source: Data compiled by NH Division of Economic Development, displayed on, State to State Comparison of NH and Massachusetts.

Choosing Pelham as a great place to live and work.

Located on the border with MA, Pelham NH appeals to customers seeking the tax advantages of shopping in NH. We also provide an opportunity to enjoy a good meal!