Looking for a specific location in town or just want to see what is in the Pelham area? Use our interactive maps to find whatever you need, or download the PDF files.

Our Interactive Zone Map can zoom in on select business and industrial zoned areas and provide details about structures and landmarks.

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Pelham NH
Interactive Zone Map

To see an area in more detail, click on the colored zone for the enlarged map of that area. Click on the colored dots to find out more about the building or landmark in that location.

Bank Post Office
Cinema Professional Office
Filling Station Restaurant
Golf Course Retail Store
Industrial Condo Shopping Plaza
Industrial Mftg Undeveloped Land
Natural Gas Pumping Station

Illustration of Dual Roundabouts

In 2006 the State of NH Department of Transportation (NH DOT) sponsored a Context Sensitive Solution process to engage Pelham stakeholders in finding the best solution to our busy town center traffic congestion. The resulting dual roundabout design was determined to be the best solution with the least impact to the town center and its historic resources while keeping vehicular traffic moving and proving safe pedestrian access. The project is funded by a 3.9 Million dollar federal earmark and State match. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2011-2012.

For a more detailed view of the roundabouts, download the pdf.

Google Map - Town of Pelham NH

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