Judi Baven is the proud owner and founder of a long-standing success story started right in the heart of Pelham, NH. Her studio began small and through years of dedication and a glowing reputation, has truly blossomed. Judi credits much of this to families who have repeatedly come back year after year, with younger siblings and even nieces, cousins, and friends all who learned about her small town studio from word of mouth. With very little advertising, and not the most visible location, Dance Concepts has grown simply by doing business the right way.


The staff at Dance Concepts believes that dance should not only be competitive and about rigorous training, but should be a creative outlet for students who partake in extracurricular activities.  “We are about being part of a dance community.  We emphasize on nurturing creative interest which will provide valuable life skills such as confidence, commitment, time management, and achievement of personal goals.”

“We are a performance oriented school unique from other studios, our annual recital is a major studio/community event; not just for parents and friends. Our dancers and staff have earned a reputation for presenting an exciting and entertaining production.”



122 Bridge Street, Unit 3B

Pelham, NH 03076